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Random, thought-provoking topics.  Take your pick and give us your Conservative view.

  • July 28th will mark the 100 yr anniversary of the "Great War".  Your thoughts? 
  • Anyone have updated thoughts on Agenda 21???
  • 1st Amendment rights and gov't issued online ID's
  • If US corporations move overseas (Pfizer, Omnicom), shouldn't they lose their 1st Amendment lobby rights?
  • The history of "Decoration Day"
  • May 19 is the 202nd anniversary of the 27th Amendment.  Are they earning their keep? 
  • Have any Summer rally plans?  Tell us about them.
  • GOP voted "no" to raise the minimum wage.  What's your take and why?
  • 4th Amendment and cell phones.  Should a Warrant be required?  The Supreme Court is debating now.
  • Did the Supreme court (in it's recent ruling) seal a "Oligarchy" future for the US? (or are we already there?)

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