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An Easy Neighborhood Action!

Hello members,

I want to share with you a project I have started to implement in my neighborhood today. I could not seem to rally my neighbors as Patriots So I went back to Glenn Becks original idea. Gather around the kitchen table, neighbors knowing neighbors...

I started MY community "Helping Hands"  program with a two fliers one for Helpers to list what they can help out with - perhaps rides to town, financial aid, a nutritional meal or even yard work and one flyer that looks like this below in link- I will match those that can- with those that can't.

My community has a Facebook page so I was able ot place a post about Helping Hands and received immediate positive feedback...

Now you are wondering how this is going to lead to politics? Well.... the way I see it- the helpers who volunteer will most likely be conservatives- where I can plant seeds of Constitutional Conservatism...


If you would like to try something like this and you need help with ideas or flyers for your neighborhood please contact Suzie, I will be happy to help you.

My hope is that this will take off and they won't need a sign up sheet- I hope that if they see the neighbors yard needs weeding- they just go weed it!



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