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The Democrat convention is being moved inside to a 20,000 seat arena for Obama’s speech. I have heard that there are still tickets available for this event if you want to go. Now in an age where a country radio station can still have a “give away contest” for Ditzy Twits Concert tickets, why can’t a liberal radio station give away free Obama tickets? My thoughts are that the West Coast Liberals cannot afford the gas to get their electric cars to South Carolina.

I know that many democrats are named Muhammad, Hussein, Shabazz, or some other (unpronounceable in polite company) name like Fluke. (What the L?) As such many are on the No Fly List as potential terrorist; that must be why Barack Hussein “The Big O” needs a private plane to fly around the country. High speed rail is planned to stop in the middle of the desert, not go all the way across country, and no self respecting welfare recipient is going to travel Greyhound when they can have a free Government Motors solar powered Volt to drive.

Transportation to the convention became a real problem for the Democrats.

The standard for Democrats and elections was very clear last night, with the 2/3 majority needed to amend the Party Platform to add in God and Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, it took three voice votes before the moderator decided to just call it the way the party bosses wanted, totally disregarding the obvious disapproval of those in attendance. That is nothing new for democrats, and the very basis for union supported card check elections.

This now brings us to the next part of the problem. Sandra Fluke the “Woman’s Spokesperson” for sexual activity.  Sporting large campaign buttons that said “Sluts Vote” Female and female wannabe delegates showed that in truth Sluts do vote Democrat; Ladies vote Republican.  This outstanding pillar of female sexual activity, who has accomplished absolutely nothing in her life so far, stood before the Nation to demand free contraception, sex change surgery, and abortion on demand for convenience. This is understandable when you consider that almost 30% of America is unemployed or under employed, with all that free time they have to have something to do to fill the time; and that might result in pregnancy.  While I do not support abortion in any way, it might be a good thing if she takes herself out of the Gene pool and dries off.

This brings me to a final thought; that stalwart defender of woman’s rights Bill “I did not have sex” Clinton. Bill Clinton’s history of woman and sexual encounters along with his payoffs and demeaning attitude is the epitome of democratic standards; there are none. In his speech for support for Obama, Bill said that the problem was too big for any president to fix in one term, even himself. My question is why did so many Republican Governors decrease the state debts and lower unemployment in their states if the problem was so big? As the talking heads point out the Republican Governors did it under an Obama administration. This is true, so why did no Democrat Governors do the same? The only Democrat Governor to turn his state around was Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick, who increased the state debt and increased unemployment from its previous downward trends under Mitt Romney.

Makes me want to Vote for these Screech Monkeys with no plan, lots of noise and a ME ME ME attitude.

God Bless.

Just my thoughts for today.

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  • Mark Twain said that quote.

    You said “man is a nasty sinful creature and has done much evil saying that they were acting in the best interest of all men.” All history of man proves this true, but in saying that man is sinful you recognize the God of all creation. Without a God there is no sin, if one believes that evolution is true there can be no sin only the right of strength. In the case of evolution it is counterproductive to share with the weaker people of the species and harms the race to help the weak. So true liberalism only works if there is a God, a fact that most Liberals deny. If evolution is true then all Liberalism is a lie.

    Without God man is an animal that hates. With God man is an animal that loves and truly cares. Take your pick.

  • The Cherokee from Georgia west to Oklahoma and the Apache East to Florida. Makes you wonder what the Government leaders were thinking? Or were they?  Today the Cherokee are buying back Georgia a few acres at a time.

    God bless My Friend.

  • When you deal with the devil your on the wrong side to start with. When you compromise your values and standards, it is like being “almost a Virgin.” Sometimes the hard line is the only way to hold your head up; there can be no compromise when it comes to Honor.  These things are black and white issues with no shade of gray allowed. Yes many churches have sold out but that is nothing new, there is nothing new under the sun. False preachers prophesying for personal gain, organized churches “discovering new revelations”, people dying for a new secret truth. New age mysticism invades the modern church and the pastors do not notice or are afraid of losing the people who tithe, loosing prestige and money. New age mysticism is just old age Satanism repackaged for the “Modern man”. The Gnostics, the Nicolaitans, the Scientologist, the Universalist Churches and the Deists; over the ages all had the same problem; they deny the Sovereignty of God. When a Preacher says “MY God would never…” he is denying the Sovereignty of God and has gone off the path. This is the problem with the “Church” today; man wants to be in control and treats God like a Genie in a bottle, get on your knees and demand what you want. That is why so many people today are falling away from the church, they are not taught what the church is, or who God is. That is why so many Liberals think of God as an “imaginary man in the sky”, not as a just and loving God, and certainly not as a Righteous and Sovereign God.

    Too many Churches have sold their Soul to the Devil for a full house.

  • Ephesians 6:12 For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high [places].

    This is the Battle I am referring to, it is a continuation of a war that started a long time ago; In the Beginning; yes the Crusades were a continuation of it, a short piece with the church sometimes on the wrong side. Unfortunately Islam is on the wrong side, with its support of slavery, disrespect for basic human rights, ubber-rigid social structure, it does not bring out the best of humanity. The democrats with their support of Gay Marriage, Abortion rights, dependency attitudes, support of recreational drugs and sex, lack of personal responsibility, relative morality, and a host of other “Social issues” have chosen to be on the wrong side. Sometimes the “Church” has chosen the wrong side, this is apparent in the “Liberal Churches” of today. Read Bonheoffer’s biography, the German Lutheran church got away from God to the “Historical Church” and supported Hitler. That also was the whole basis of the reformation prior to that.

    Time for a new Reformation

  • Alan,

    I am not name calling I am pointing out that the democrats at the convention are calling themselves those names. They seem to be proud of such titles. I am not surprised that you feel this way. There are many Pro life Democrats that have been abandoned by the party leaders. There are many democrats who are highly respectable people, just not in the leadership or seemingly at the convention. I was once a democrat, but the Party left the values that it once stood for and sold out to the side of evil. Abortion is EVIL. It is the murder of innocent life, which is not a Christian position. If you want a discussion on Christian values, the church and theology I will be glad to oblige you, on the side through e-mail or as a separate discussion if you want.

    I too served in the military for many years. I do not Use PC or sugar coat things. I call them as I see them. Dr. Nidal Husain is a Terrorist for the shooting at FT Hood. Being a Commander-in-Chief does not preclude a person being a terrorist look at Mahmoud Ahmadinejad he is a terrorist and a head of state. Saying it can never happen here is blind ignorance. The number of Islamic soldiers in the military is a threat to the security of our nation. Obama does have direct ties to terrorists that have bombed the pentagon. You can tell the quality of a man by the friends he keeps. If Obama was not the President, he would not qualify for a national security clearance. If you do not like reality, change it, don’t deny it.

    “I don't think conservatism is about hate and hyperbole” you are right. I do not hate them, I feel sorry for them in their pathetic poor lives. They are afraid to reach out and grab life and live it. They are afraid to stand on their own and treating them like the stupid child is doing them no benefit. They want to pursue evil and do not know better.

    You say this is not a Christian value? What about:

    Ezekiel 3:17-19 Son of man, I have made thee a watchman unto the house of Israel: therefore hear the word at my mouth, and give them warning from me. 18 When I say unto the wicked, Thou shalt surely die; and thou givest him not warning, nor speakest to warn the wicked from his wicked way, to save his life; the same wicked [man] shall die in his iniquity; but his blood will I require at thine hand. 19 Yet if thou warn the wicked, and he turn not from his wickedness, nor from his wicked way, he shall die in his iniquity; but thou hast delivered thy soul.

    I would not say all Moslems are terrorists and I would not say that all terrorists are Moslem; both are untrue statements. However we are at war with Islam and they do and will use terrorist tactics. My reference to the no fly list is due to the idiocy of it. Many people are on the list because of someone else, they have to prove their innocence before they can fly, that is not American, the same with the real ID act, both are wrong.

    By the way can you spell Satire?

    Just Asking…

  • I have appreciated many of your posts.  I also served in Iraq with Marines with Persian and Arabic names, some may have been Democrats, and it's offensive to suggest that any of them, nor any of the Commanders-in Chief that I served are terrorists or on no-fly lists. I know mothers and daughters, servicewomen and nuns who are Democrats and ladies, not sluts.  This sort of bigotry and misogyny were not a part of my party nor my conservatism when I left the States for almost two decades of service in the Marines and in American Foreign Service, they sure seem to be now that I have returned.  I don't think conservatism is about hate and hyperbole, conservatives are, or used to be, better than that.  And since you signed off with "God Bless", perhaps I should remind you that Christians too, are better than that.

  • I did go to the DNC...  just to look around....   I live less than one hour away.  I've been to many county fairs and this DNC event was worse than that... it harked to the days when they had geek and freak shows and you could see the "bearded lady", "tallest man in the world", and "King Kong"....  anything that was make-believe! At the DNC there was a "Hug-a-Thug" booth from the unions, someone passing out free condoms, selling Obama mementos, and hawkers of all kinds.  Then, the rains came... and everyone lost money in the venture, except for the Ladies of the Night, Sandra Fluke, Debbie "The Mouth", and Elizabeth Warren who didn't deserve to be there. 

    Decaying sideshow advertisement, Florida, 1966
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