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Convention Of The States

The news is here.  You won't see it  in the MSM. 

The 34th state just authorized a convention of the states and now the process begins.

The states have had enough of this federal tyranny and want to shake it off. 

The question now changes; how can we keep control of this and how can we make sure we aren't repressed by the group if the establishment hacks get involved?


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  • Good point Patricia Gillenwater - this is exactly what a lot of republicans are afraid of. Arizona Senator President Biggs says, and I paraphrase, "If Congress doesn't abide the Constitution, why do you think they will abide any changes to the Constitution made by a Constitutional Convention". The risk is very high that we will be opening a Panfors's Box. What we really need to do is nullify unconstitutional acts by the Federal Government and repeal the 16th and 17th amendments which changed our country from a Limited Federation of Sovereign Republics to a National Socialist Democracy.  .

    • Duane, Yes nullify is a good answer to the problem.

  • We must watch this closely. Some ideas of amendments floating around:

    • To ensure reproductive rights of women
    • To force the Congress and President to agree to a balanced budget, with overspending allowed only in the case of a three-fifths vote of Congress
    • To ensure that all children who are citizens have a right to a "free and adequate education"
    • To specifically permit prayer at school meetings and ceremonies
    • To allow non-natural born citizens to become President if they have been a citizen for 20 years
    • To specifically allow Congress to regulate the amount of personal funds a candidate to public office can expend in a campaign
    • To ensure that apportionment of Representatives be set by counting only citizens
    • To make the filibuster in the Senate a part of the Constitution
    • To provide for continuity of government in case of a catastrophic event
    • The "Every Vote Counts" Amendment - providing for direct election of the President and Vice President, abolishing the Electoral College
    • To clarify eminent domain, specifically that no takings can be transferred to a private person except for transportation projects
    • Providing a right to work, for equal pay for equal work, the right to organize, and the right to favorable work conditions
    • To allow the President to reduce any Congressional appropriation, or to disapprove of same (akin to a line-item veto)
    • To provide a new method for proposing amendments to the Constitution, where two-thirds of all state legislatures could start the process
    • To allow Congress to enact campaign spending limits on federal elections
    • To allow Congress to enact campaign spending limits on state elections
    • To declare that life begins at conception and that the 5th and 14th amendments apply to unborn children
    • To prohibit courts from instructing any state or lower government to levy or raise taxes
    • To force a national referendum for any deficit spending
    • To provide for the reconfirmation of federal judges every 12 years
    • To prohibit the early release of convicted criminals
    • To establish the right to a home
    • To define the legal effect of international treaties
    • To clarify that the Constitution neither prohibits nor requires school prayer
    • To establish judicial terms of office

    • To clarify the meaning of the 2nd Amendment
      To provide for the reconfirmation of federal judges every 6 years
      To force a two-thirds vote for any bill that raises taxes
      To repeal the 16th Amendment and specifically prohibit an income tax
      To provide for removal of any officer of the U.S. convicted of a felony
      To permit the States to set term limits for their Representatives and Senators

      • To allow a Presidential pardon of an individual only after said individual has been tried and convicted of a crime
      • To allow Congress to pass legislation to allow the Supreme Court to remove federal judges from office
      • To provide for the reconfirmation of federal judges every 10 years
      • To provide for the recall of Representatives and Senators
      • To remove automatic citizenship of children born in the U.S. to non-resident parents
      • To enable or repeal laws by popular vote
      • To define a process to allow amendments to the Constitution be proposed by a popular ("grass-roots") effort
      • To force a three-fifths vote for any bill that raises taxes
      • To prohibit retroactive taxation
      • To provide for run-off Presidential elections if no one candidate receives more than 50% of the vote
      • To prohibit abortion
      • To bar imposition on the States of unfunded federal mandates
      • To disallow the desecration of the U.S. Flag
      • To allow a line-item veto in appropriations bills
      • To expand the term of Representatives to four years
      • To force a balanced budget
      • To prohibit involuntary busing of students
      • To make English the official language of the United States
      • To set term limits on Representatives and Senators
      • To repeal the 22nd Amendment (removing Presidential term limits)
      • To guarantee a right to employment opportunity for all citizens
      • To grant protections to unborn children
      • To provide for "moments of silence" in public schools
      • To allow Congress to regulate expenditures for and contributions to political campaigns
      • To provide for the rights of crime victims
      • To provide for access to medical care for all citizens
      • To repeal the 2nd Amendment (right to bear arms)
      • To prohibit the death penalty
      • To protect the environment
      • To repeal the 26th Amendment (granting the vote to 18-year olds) and granting the right to vote to 16-year olds
      • To provide equal rights to men and women

    • Someone "Mr Liberty" from another forum provided me with this link.

      I had heard some of those ideas and frankly they frighten me. 

      I understood the suggestions from Mark Levin in the 'Liberty Amendments' and even then I was nervous. I understand we are on a dead end street and something has to give.  I just pray that we rise to the challenge the way the founding fathers did.

      Government can't be trusted and has to be limited. Since our useless republican establishment won't do that, we need to take the matter back into our own hands.  But history will judge us on this one way or the other.

  • Admin

    Apparently Indiana has offered to host in Indianapolis  

  • Admin

    Knowing the fools in Congress, they'll probably assign a Committee too investigate and verify that 34 have, indeed, applied.  Drag it out until after elections......or longer. *sigh*  Very scary stuff they're playing with though.  Scary indeed.

    • Yes. As if they just stall that people won't be  as upset with them?

      Demcrats wanting our medical records at their disposal like the IRS was agains the tea party last election.

      And republicans thinking if they just tinker with it enough to placate us they can have that same power once we throw out the progressives.

      I know there are unintended side effects to any big change, but this present tyranny is unacceptable.

      • They must look at this very carefully and make sure their constituents support what they are proposing.  Some things may sound like a good idea but go against the grain of what the citizens want.

        • Admin

          Anything drafted will be done so by big money, lobbyists lawyers.  Tons of loopholes.  I truly dread it.  They should work with what they have.............but they won't.   grrrrr  Don't get me wrong.  I'm all for a balanced budget but every since thing they've passed has benefited them and corporations.  Not the American taxpayer.  It may appear so on the surface but it's what below the water (the larger iceberg) that get's us in the end.

          • So, you fear the crony capitalists. 

            They are a pox on us all.

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