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Election Complacency?

I live in a Georgia county that has voted democrat ever since reconstruction of the South. Poverty rate is about 75+%, the drop out rate leads the state, the two biggest industries is welfare and drugs. Our school board cost the county the loss of accreditation of our public schools, In spite of that we had a young lady score top of the SAT and earn a Scholastic scholarship to Harvard. Hard work, dedication and personal accountability overcome many social disadvantages.

We have one stop light in the county, A sheriff with four deputies to cover the whole county of 286 Sq. Miles,  which they do with exemplary efficiency. 60 % of the residents live in Sec. 8 Housing and pay no property taxes. According to the last census, 80% of the population is Black.

I explain all that to point out something I noticed in the last Georgia primary election, two records were set in the election that I think is worth contemplating. One is a new record low in voter turnout in the state of Georgia, less that 20%. Second for the first time My County had more republican voters turn out than democrats, only 5 more but it is more; 351 democrats to 356 republicans. A total of 20.01%, slightly above the state average.

Complacency and low voter turnout indicates that people are not motivated for the mid-term elections coming up. Lower turnout of the democrat party indicates apathy for the president and his party. The turnout does not show real well for the republicans either.

I would be interested in information in other local elections, turnout rates, changes in voting profiles, strange results.

Please post any things you notice on the elections that you find significant.

God Bless.

Just my thoughts for today

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  • Hugh, That is an interesting county in GA you live in. I noticed that while comprising info on the States that many states did not have a good turnout for the presidential election. OK although it remained a red state the turnout for republicans was dismal. Demographics are changing and with that once red states will be challenged.

    Do you suppose the Dixiecrat legacy is still holding on? My kin in WV always voted democrat but they were Dixiecrat. However they did not vote for Obama and Romney did not suit there palate. But WV went red.

    People I believe are feeling a bit hopeless. Not sure whats going to stir them up. All I know is that the voter pot needs a stirring. The entrenched politicians like the apathy of the voter.

    Not sure why folks vote against their self interest. Strange phenomenon.

    I guess what that black population that remains 75% in poverty need a group of folks to go out and talk with them  about issues and gently pointing out they may want to try to elect someone that just may offer them a better chance.

    Honestly I find it discouraging because I honestly do not believe either party has an answer.

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