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Much has been said lately, and rightly so about the role of America in the world as a leader. We condemn politicians for "Getting involved" in foreign affairs, Iran,Afghanistan, Crimea, and Iraq are examples of these. Then we condemn our politicians for not getting involved in foreign affairs, Liberia, Somalia,Bangladesh,Darfur, and Mali are examples of these. Ethnic cleansing, child slave labor, Sex slavery, these things often get people upset because they are deeply emotional issues. Terrorism, oil trade, even self defence lack the appeal that human suffering does to our heartstrings.

As Patricia Gillenwater said “We are  angered when the US is to be the defacto world police force. We are angered when the US does not respond to trouble around the world. We are angered when the US screws up and it seems they do -- appears more so with O at the helm.”

Should America be the worlds police force? If not us, who then? The UN Peacekeepers have not only proven themselves incapable of being a world police force for good, even to the point that peace keepers are causing much of the suffering in the areas that they are supposed to protect. Rape, child sex slavery, looting, and extortion is often considered as a part of the Peacekeepers pay for the militaries of many third world countries. Who guards the guardians?

No the UN has proven itself incapable of being Peacekeepers.

Should America pull itself inside American borders and ignore the world? Isolationism is never an answer, and it causes ignorance of world affairs that will affect America. Isolationism has caused more wars by making the nation look weak. China had the Boar Wars, before that the Mongols attacked China because of isolationism. Appeasement and Isolation caused Both World Wars to be longer than they should have been. Task force Smith and the Chosin Reservoir was caused by American Isolation policies.

Does America need allies?  It is dangerous to take a go it alone attitude, But with allies you have the complications of their national interests that conflict with ours. We could take the Russians and Chinese attitudes of having "Satellite States". We could be the "First of equals" among "Friends", all those imply subordinate states that would resent a second place at the discussions.

Rome ruled the world with Pax Romana, a heavy handed peace with second class citizens, slave nations, and power.

America could rule the world with a "Pax Americana", but that would be destructive of Liberty, freedom, and peace. It would make more enemies than friends and it would turn the world against us. It would directly violate the principles of human rights that our founders were looking for when they formed this nation. It would violate the principles of our God given rights as Humans.

As Patricia would say "It's Complicated". Finding the right path through responsibility, Human rights interests, National Sovereignty, justice, and self determination.

The first thing that should be done though is defining; what are our national interests? Should we care about a stable world? How much concern should we have for other Nations and their interests? What is right for the american People and International markets? American Interests should be the first concern of our government; other nations can take care of their own people.

Care of humanity should be the concern of the people of this world, not their Governments.

God Bless.

Just my thoughts for today.

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  • The plane spotted at the Iranian airport is an interesting story. Also the other twist in the tale adds intrigue. I know that when the Kerry/Obama plan surfaced the WH was asking allies not to view this as an opening for taking advantage of establishing business interest in Iran. Perhaps Ghana only the tip of the ice burg for countries to be early entries, gaining competitive advantage for their own gain.

    Lets hope that this is the worst story around Ghana.

  • James,  Thank for your contributions on my discussion,U.S. of SWAT. Sorry, I can't answer on any discussions.

    Interesting addition the US jet ands at Tehran here and who owns it.

  • What the hell is this ??

    Mysterious private US jet lands at Tehran airport DEBKAfile April 19, 2014, 10:40 AM (IDT) The reason that brought a privately-ownedUS plane this week to Mehrabad international airport in Tehran, the first US commercial jet to land there in 35 year, is unknown, especially when the Washington has not yet agreed formally to do business with Iran. The New York Times reports that the aircraft is owned by the Bank of Utah, is based in Accra, Ghana, and was recently spotted at Zurich when the city hosted the annual World Economic Forum. It is operated by Engineers & Planners Company Ltd. of which Adi Ayitevie is listed as executive director.

  • Hugh, I recall as a child getting together care packages to send to countries in need whether it be food or clothing.  This went on for some time after a grew up.

    Today, however, the answer to everything is to throw more money at it.  I object to that for how many times have we seen money mis-managed?  Either the government we sent it to gobbels it up and it never reaches the people who could use it. 

    The same is true here in the good old US of A.  There used to be a time when clothes of any kind was appreciated.  Now it has to be new.  And heaven help us if our poor don't have a free cell phone or a flat screen colored TV. 

    It seems to me we have gone to the extreme in all situations.  Other nations and our poor are constantly putting out their hands and asking for more.  It's time to go back to a few of the old ways.  Charity starts at home FIRST!  Until and unless we get our nation in order.....not one more dime to any muslim or communist countries.  Pack the commies and BO up and send them over there:  No more of our troops, arms or money.

    Isolationist.......guilty as charged.

    • When you put together care packages we had leaders that weren't so disconnected from practical living.

      Truman used words like manure, and went home to the farm after leaving office.

      Now diplomats trained by liberal colleges have 'airs' about what the wealth should be redistributed like and don't have a clue how hard we work for it, or how little someone appreciates things that aren't earned.

      I agree with most of what you laid out.

  • Hugh a very good and insightful blog. Recently O made noise for once I agree with. His noise had to do with Europe (the west) taking more responsibility in matters of protecting, investing in military for their own self interest. Of course this has the fall out of aiding more in volatile regions of the rest of the world. The US can not go alone. The cost is to great.

    I agree with your statement "Care of humanity should be the concern of the people of this world, not their Governments." but with the caveat that many people we must recognize are self interested.

    I also agree that disengaging, becoming totally isolated is not recommended.

    Countries such as Canada should become more engaged. 

    The world is a dangerous place. As a dangerous one our gov't needs to work more cooperatively with others who share our values. The others must step up-to-the-plate and our gov't must learn that this is what has to be done. Our gov't working in concert with others speaks with a mighty voice. Of course this means that the US must learn that we are not viewed as the defacto world police.

    We must recognize that the US gov't is part of the problem and as well often the only solution available. This is not good even though some hold on to the theory that the US should be the worlds leader. There has to be other options. The options do not have to mean that the US is 'not' the mightiest  militarily. 

    The US can open, 'help' open, new markets. It is not desirable to open these markets for other nations of the West to take advantage of the 'spoils' which often they are then allowed. More nations such as China and even India are given access to resources, Afghanistan is a good example where this is happening (rare earth metals). All along China continues to build up their military power our response then is a 'pivot to Asia' kinda dumb.

    Our gov't has very little emotion for the people of Africa. Oh they use the ploy of the down trodden but it is the rich resources abundant in Africa that are the prize. We must question the motivation of the Corporatocracy.

    Good thoughts Hugh you bring to the table.

    • Pat, your comments on a different Blog were the inspiration for this, thanks for the help. I am happy you like it.

  • Admin

    Excellent!  Yes, we do need to govern the world- to a degree- else the barbarians of the world will seek out and rule the weak nations. Those nations will become an apocalyptic landscape of suffering. And I wonder exactly what would American companies do without third world cheap/"slave" labor?

    But when we govern the world - I believe the only time we should do that is ot save a nations from the barbarians of the world. I do not recall which "Rowanda" movie it was but it gave me chills down my spine when the UN "peacekeepers" pulled out and left the people defenseless and they were slaughtered by machete wielding sickos!

    I do not think it is our responsibility... beyond the peoples needs.

    Notice I said to a degree, we need those countries peoples to learn to stand for themselves! This video sorta says it all for me...

This reply was deleted.

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