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Russia, Obama And The Press Corpse

The West has claimed much success over the sanctions of Russia in response to their invasion of the Ukraine and the Crimea so I thought I would look at some hard numbers:

  • On Oct 22 2013 the Russian stock market hit a new High of 1518.54 on the RTS.RS the Russian equivalent of our NYSE.
  • Over time by 3 Mar 2014, the day of the Russian invasion their Market had dropped to 1115.06 a loss of 403.48 points.
  • On 14 March 11 days after the invasion it was at 1062.47 a loss of an additional 52.59 points.
  • Sanctions were imposed on 16 March By president Obama on 18 March the Russian stock market hit 1161.26 a gain of 98.79 points.

Now Obama claims that sanctions caused a 10% drop in the value of the Russian stock market over the past month, it is true that the market is down 10% over this time last month, but sanctions have not been in place for a month.

It is also true that after his sanctions were imposed the Russian stock market began to recover from its decent; although there is no proof at this time that sanctions caused the recovery, the Russian Government is claiming it is.

One advantage of having the Government control the press is people do not get confused by information other than what the government wants released and what foreign counties want the people to know. Examples being North Korea, Cuba, Venezuela and the U.S. under Obama’s Press Corps (Or as Obama would say Press Corpse, as he killed real freedom of the Press).

I have often said that good propaganda has an element of truth in it, and while Obama's claims have an element of truth, they have no relationship with reality so that makes his posturing on the world stage a comedy to the world and a tragedy to America.

God Bless.

Just my thoughts for today.  

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  • Roger: your point is well taken...I do not usually engage in trivia...I will always counter pomposity and self proclaimed experitse...This is a poitical website as yu well know....Long biblical quotes belong on a religious website...Separation of Church and State is a cardinal principle in this great country of ours...Yes take your choice between insult, verbal bantering or defending a principle...My primary intent was to defend principle..My adversary is correct in exposing BO's lies..but that is old news....He is dead wrong in condemning Putin as a Stalinist...The news about Crimea came from western journalists welcome in Crimea and for good reason...I have recently visited Russia and have personal experience...My family experienced WW1 &2   I experienced Vietnam for ten years...I am not an ivory tower pundit as is my adversary in these latest issues...I have always enjoyed the story about the Yogi who mourned that passing of his strongest critic....That critic sometimes pointed out one of my deficiencies said the Yogi...he kept me honest....Hugh has yet to do that ---but hells bells even a stopped clock is right twice a day...His insults were gutteral while mine were intellectual....So be that...nothing accomplished for sure...He pokes at spelling errors and what he thinks are grammatical errors when they are abbreviations...Picayune means nothing..As previously mentioned, I generally speak from experience...Have travelled the world...And I am firmly convinced Putin is a great leader with the will of the people behind him...Sorry if you were offended by the insult interchange...kinda playground stuff...Have a great weekend!

    • I don't get offended.  But I do explain why I disagree.

      Putin is a leader that wants his country to succeed.  We could use a leader like that ours doesn't want that for us.

      • Roger: Putin is a major world leader while BO is just a wannabee with little foreign experience...Community organizer in the land of Al Capone and Boss Daly might seem foreign to decent honest americans; but that does not qualify him to negotiate with Putin..I suspect that there will be a new alliance forming soon....Russia-China-Iran...And guess what!  Benjamin Netanjahu will not have any influence in that alliance...Many say that BO is muslim...If true,  our fairweather friends might be hanging out to dry very soon... 

      • Roger: the biggest problem the US HAS  is the enormous 17trillion natl debt....Lenders now very scarce; so no more ability to "juice the economy..2% is the new norm...Media tries to fault the Russian economy as having problems...throughout the past decade their econ grew by 8%...per only 2%...All of Obama's recent trickery will just push Russia to closer economic ties with China....Short term loss for Russia---then long term loss for the US...NOT GOOD...Free world trade will always bring great prosperity to all....Yes its been over fourteen years since the US has had credible leadership...I was embarassed for my bhuddabelly upon my visit to Moscow recently....they all walk a lot--no obesity, and they have a fantastic public transportation system...I love america, and I have put my life on the line for country...But we are just one of the longer the dominant power....Reality Check there Washdc...

        • The deficit is a problem, but it's also just a symptom.

          Personal responsibility is no longer taught or valued.  As long as people think they can do anything and not face consequences they will borrow more than they can afford, they will impose regulations, steal liberties, and stomp on freedoms.

          It's the spirit of Karl Marx in every little aspect of our current leadership. And Boehner leading the opposition doesn't lead and he doesn't oppose because he doesn't seem to think there are consequences for abdicated responsibility either.

  • The pompous hass is now teaching first grade...sounds like your Peter Principle..

  • Admin

    As a side note- Isn't it nice to have threaded discussions in the blog?  Now you can tell who is replying to who! Love this new feature....

    • It is, it took me a few tries to get that part right but I have it straight now.

      Thanks Suzie.

  • The ugly peacocks feathers have been ruffled.  My comprehension skills are fine thank you and I know very well your claim of the recent referendum being stalinist and rigged is pure unadulterated BS.Where is your proof???.So are your comments about propaganda.  Propaganda is usually full of allegations just like most of your posts...

    • Denis; my, my now you’re an ugly peacock? Leave out the peas and I will agree with you.

      I made no allegations about the Referendum vote in Crimea; but as you point out 25,000 armed Russian soldiers will only insure a fair election, and to make sure it is fair Russian officials counted the vote; no fraud, Pravda said so.

      If most of my posts are propaganda, why do you read them?

      I have said before, good propaganda has an element of truth, great propaganda is all truth.

      Did I lie about what Obama said?

      Did I lie about the Russian stock market?

      Did I lie about the timeline of events?

      So what do you base your allegations on?

      It appears to be CNN, Pravda, and the Democrat’s talking points. But I suppose my original thoughts irritate you, after all original though is the antithesis of Democrats.

This reply was deleted.

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