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9-11 or 9-12; 11-2 or 11-3

This is the 912 project because the focus was the uniting feeling we all had the day after. Coming together as a nation in the face of tragedy. The shock and horror of the attacks on New York, Pennsylvania, and Washington was an attack on all Americans irregardless of your skin color, religion, financial status or political belief. People started to go to churches again and to pray. People started to pay attention to their neighbors again; we had an increase in Neighborhood watches and gun sales. People started talking to each other and paying attention.

People focused on the problems not the symptoms.

Now we are faced with an election that may change the face of American politics for many years; but what are we now focused on? The symptoms or the problem? Is the problem Democrats in power, or corrupt politicians in power? Is the problem taxes and spending or are those the symptoms?

An attitude of throw the bums out is fine; as long as we do not replace them with new Bums. A Witch VS. a Communist (DE). Taliban Dan VS. a Satanist (FL). A rich power hungry woman that cares nothing for the people VS an ageing Hippy lost in the 70’s (CA). An Idiot Failure VS a Corrupt Bankrupt failure (GA). At least this is the choices presented us by the political ads and the press.

But what are the Issues? Where do they stand on the important things that affect our lives? How do we get past the personal attacks and find out the truth of what they stand for?

Most everyone believes that on November 2nd the Republicans will take back power. So what happens on November 3rd?

God Bless.

Just my thoughts for today.

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  • Lawrence Brown --What is wrong with our people,is ignorance,stupidity,dont care,or do some want a free ride?


    Liberty requires responsibility, for many it is as long as ‘I am not responsible it is not my fault.’ I am not a millionaire because of ‘THEM.” I am not the boss because of ‘THEM.’ I am not a bad father ‘THEY’ just make me look bad. It is her fault I beat her, she makes me do it.

    For others they love the luxury of slavery, no work, lay around all day getting women pregnant, drinking and getting fat all on someone else’s dime. They can stand in the handout line, and live where ‘THEY’ say to. Being the big fish in this small pond.

    And finally some really believe that what Obama is doing is good. Social Justice is the high moral ground for them. While they believe in evolution which contradicts social justice; they do not have the knowledge or experience to understand the contradiction. Many communists and socialist believe in “The Cause”.
  • Hugh: History will be made on 11-02-10 but we will still have many who still believe in Obama ways. He will have executive power to do damage to us. I hope the people will continue to fight after elections. We will have a fight for our freedomfor many years until people truly understand what is at stake,our freedom,liberties. The choices that voters make are mind boggling. With all the information that is out in the open people still dont get what is going on. Obama told us what he was going to do and he got elected,it dont make sense. What is wrong with our people,is ignorance,stupidity,dont care,or do some want a free ride?
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