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Like Don Quixote de la Mancha, I have no fear of the impossible fight, nor do I restrict myself to what I think is possible. I have found out that when you aim at the stars you might miss and only hit the moon. The higher you aim the higher your miss will hit.Many of the ideas that we have are no more than tilting at windmills, we see the giants and gird on our armor, call for Sancho and ride to the attack. Bravely but stupidly without direction. This does not mean we should give up or not try, just be aware of what we are doing.Impeachment of Obama is one of these ideas, with a Democrat Congress and Senate it is no more than a good charge doomed to failure. If in 2010 there is a major change in the make up of congress, then the charge will become an attack that may just beat the windmill down. With it a good chance of a mass repeal of all of Obamas actions and passage of a germaneness bill; such as H.R.450 Title: To require Congress to specify the source of authority under the United States Constitution for the enactment of laws, and for other purposes.One fly can not eat a dead horse, but a million can take many small bites. If we try to impeach Obama and fail, but take out Pelosi or Reid it may seem like a small bite to some but the implications will be major. So will the impact on congress. We need to be very active in the primaries and general election this time, to win a victory is not enough it must be a major victory with over 65% voting against the liberal policies. Then no one can ignore the message we will send to congress. The liberal messenger will have his head cut off, set on fire and catapulted back over the castle walls. Nothing less will get their attention.Maybe we can get congress to secure the borders, deport the illegals, obey the constitution, curb spending, cut taxes, and mind their own business, but I doubt it. However if my actions cause them to start with one of those points I will consider it a victory. I stand to my principles and I will fight for what I believe, if it is tilting at windmills then so be it. I will lose with my Integrity and Honor intact.God blessJust my thoughts for today.
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  • I agree, but we have to stick together.
    A lot of people are talking about a 3rd party, even though it sounds all rebellious and tough, that would be a serious mistake. If we split the vote 3 ways, it will be just like Perot when G.H.W. Bush lost and we got Clinton.
    We need to vote in the most conservative Republican and if they don’t follow through, we throw them out on their butts.

    “Words may show a man's wit but actions his meaning.”
    --Benjamin Franklin
  • Yes sir! We must aim for the full truth no matter how far from it we are. Although perfection and right standing with God are impossible we must aim for them nonetheless.
  • I'll be at full tilt with you!
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