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Voter turn out at elections influences your representatives. They can go to the board of elections and find out if you voted in the last election. Did you vote in the Primary? And which party primary you voted in. Did you vote in any run off elections? Why is your voting record their concern?It is simple math. In Georgia there were 6,017,219 registered voters for the election of those 3,856,676 voted. Or 64%; my vote was one in four million, not much. However in the primary election, which they must win to get to run in the general election, 2024392 people voted about 33%. My vote is now one in two million or twice as important. In the run-off election 319504 people voted for US Senator or 5%. My vote is now one in three hundred thousand. If you lose the runoff you do not win the election. Senator Chambliss is going to pay closer attention to my concerns than some one who only votes sometimes in a Presidential election. In one precinct of 941 people 16 voted, who do you think they will listen to?While your Vote should be a secret they can trace a ballot to the individual who cast it to check for “Voter Fraud”. That is supposed to be the only time it happens. Ballot number is tied to the voter registration list.VOTE in every election that you can, then they will pay more attention to what you say.VOTE NO on Incumbent!God bless you.Just my thoughts for today.
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  • This upcomming year the primaries are sooooo important. Do your research on the cantidates, find the patriot an rally the troops. Lets kick the bums out during the primaries!
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