Jerad Miller at Bundy Ranch

Just days ago Jerad and Amanda Miller stormed into a CiCi’s and shot two police officers to death.

They then marched out of the pizza parlor, went into a , killed another man who attempted to stop their rampage, barricaded themselves in the back in preparation for a standoff, and then Amanda proceeded to shoot her husband before turning the gun on herself.

The mainstream media is having a field day with this tragedy.

For them, this isn’t just another “mass shooting” like the one at .

No, this is prime propaganda material, and they’re working overtime to exploit this for all it’s worth.

If you believe the mainstream media’s take on the story, you’d be led to think that the Millers, who had just been kicked out of Cliven Bundy’s Ranch, are nothing more than your typical anti-government, pro-liberty, gun lovers.

The Mainstream Media would love for the average television viewer to think anyone with a “Don’t Tread on Me” sticker is more dangerous than a jihadist with an IED.

That’s why they’ve been going on and on about the Millers and their predilection for conservative institutions like the Heritage Foundation, Freedomworks, , Ron Paul, etc.

Yes, a Gadsen flag (Don’t Tread one Me) was on one of the bodies of the slain officers. But a swastika was found on the other body. The Millers were known to have strong ties to white supremacists, which are hardly in the same category as pro-liberty activists.

And despite the fact the Mainstream Media is trying to make the association between the Millers and the Bundys seem amicable, this is a fabrication too. The Bundys actually kicked the Millers off of their ranch, showing that they did not tolerate their radical ideology.

But publications across the nation are unrelenting as they try and create a narrative that fits their agenda of demonizing all pro-liberty individuals as potential time-bombs.

Just take a look of some of the headlines that have run this week.

The left is using this kind of propaganda for more than just a quick soundbite.

They’re using it to make sure all people who support conservative liberty groups look like a potential threat.

As Melissa Melton writes:

Outlet after outlet has exploited the Millers’ pro-liberty, pro-Cliven Bundy, pro-tea party, pro-Ron/Rand Paul, pro-Constitution, pro-2nd Amendment, pro-NRA, pro-”so-called Patriot Movement,” anti-Obama, anti-government, anti-police state, anti-chemtrail, anti-fluoride, anti-drug war, anti-U.S. War on Terror, anti-fascism stance to the hilt.

The Millers might have frequented alternative media sites, loved their guns, and the same institutions that stray far from the establishment. But to paint all liberty lovers the same color as “wackos” is going much too far.