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By Robert E. Hutchinson

The "Bring Fire" meeting lead sentence ........

"You BS your friends, I'll BS my friends but let us not BS each other".  Can you hear me White House?

It has past time to flush PC down the latrine, with the  other "waste",  this Progressive society has created.  Lets deal with a little truth .......TRUTH, research the concept Mr. Obama.

The Muslim Brotherhood (MB) has benefited,  from all the Middle East & African conflict's,   results.  Think about who now rules the Countries we "liberated".   A hint, who are entertained at the White House?  The State Department embraced.  So warm and fuzzy. 

We shall  file under "Obama", "All in the family" or "The brother of my brother with another mother".  All males become brothers, when their fathers are Muslim, thus shall  be their indoctrination from birth. When we view events through these lens, the political smoke tends to clear. 

"Bibi", my Jewish friend, kiss your people good-bye.  "Never again", may be very soon.

"Infantry, Queen of Battle"

The Jihadist Muslim troops are the Special Operations Groups (SOG) fighting forces arm of the MB.  When members rise to the point where, it is thought, they become a potential  future Political  leader, they  are terminated by the MB or maybe receive an US visit and/or drone.  With a global,   devoted secret Intel  and funding operation, the MB is nobodies joke. The MB & Friends are sworn from youth, that during their quest for domination, all infidels will be converted or terminated.  This is not only the Middle East and  Africa, but all areas the globe.  There are already areas in the USA,  controlled by the MB supporters.   Think of it like the Muslim version of the old rural South KKK.  The "Moderate Muslims", give support with their silence, political activism and condemnation of the few that speak against the "Cause".  Do not take these folks for being a second class mortal enemy. Unlike the majority of the US population, who will not personally fight for their  Country,  the MB and their SOG troops, every person, will  fight  to the death, to convert, enslave and/or terminate mankind.  In the last six years the MB has done quite well.

FIVE FOR ONE ...... Get the deals while they last.

Yes sir, such a deal the MB had for Brother Obama. The MB's SOG delivered One GI Deserter  for Five MB named Gitmo prisoners.  Our GI has been with them for about  five  years, "The last POW".  I guess they were tired of feeding him and saw a chance to use him, In-Country, one more time.  I am sure they look forward to his service back in the USA.  I know we are all sure the Gitmo Five, will be model  Muslim citizens. We shall not address Mr. Obama and violations of law to do the trade.  Another stroke for the MB.  Is devotion to family heritage stronger than oath of office?  It may be a question of Duty and Honor, to whom?  For now, best be concerned with how much more will come in the next two years, between Mr. O and his side kick Dirty Harry. 

During the conquest, Socialism is a useful Muslim  tool to obtain US population control. Vain US Socialist believe they are using the MB & Friends. In the event total control is obtained, bet on the Muslims. Take a look as to who controls what and Voter percentages, the Wolf is at the door. He is NOT going away.

God save the USA.

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