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Given Politics, Is Immigration Too Risky To Solve?

Is it the "loopholes" that are stopping current immigration laws? Are lawmakers merely afraid of losing the Latino vote? More and more are running to the border. See what Michael thinks will happen. The video is not embeddable yet from this morning's interview on FOX but here is the link until the video embed code is released FOXnews

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  • Thanks for sharing the video from FOX.

    How can comprehensive immigration reform stop they flow of invaders? Obviously it can't. So what is the goal? Clearly, at least to me, is one of 'getting Americans use to inflows of all nationalities from any nation'. This accounts also why are liberty is being eroded. Progressives want to do this equally.

    Also the goal is for commerce made easy and less of a problem for business. Increase in American population  equates to consumers purchasing more -- tax revenue -- this is crazy since more dollars will be expended in social welfare programs.

    Another issue of course is cheap labor. Funny an American must be trained by private or community colleges while invaders get green cards and need no training.

    I swear I do not get why the black community is not outraged.

    It is a trap that snares America from which I see no good outcome. Now the U.S. is being suckered for more involvement in the ME. I do not feel positive today.

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I am proud to introduce Mr. Michael Cutler as a new contributor here at TCC. He brings with him the experience of a 30 year career with the Immigration Naturalization Service (INS) and at the time of his retirement, was a Senior Special Agent assigned to the Organized Crime Drug Enforcement Task Force.

Since 9/11 he has been determined to educate the citizens and leaders of our country about the true importance of our immigration laws, testifying before Congress over a dozen times as an expert witness, providing testimony to the 9/11 Commission and at state legislative hearings across the United States. He has also appeared on many national television and radio programs on the major networks and has participated in panel discussions and debates on college campuses and other venues from coast to coast.

We encourage you to follow his insight into this complicated subject and will let Mr. Cutler speak for himself............

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