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TCC had previously addressed the lie from Corporate America and the lobbyists up on the hill pushing for an increase in H-1B Visas issued in order to address an alleged shortage of skilled domestic laborers.  In fact, Senator Ted Cruz from Texas, is pushing for a 500% increase in H-1B Visas issuance!  These STEM jobs (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) can easily be filled with our American college graduates - it's just that companies want cheaper labor.  In fact, of the 700,000 STEM immigrant workers which entered the U.S. legally between 2007-2012, only 1/3 are working within the STEM field!  Another 1/3 are working outside of STEM fields and the final third..........are not working at all.  This is not a Democrat or Republican issue - this is an American issue.  I urge you to tune and call your local representative.  We do not need more H-1B Visas issued.  We need those jobs to go to OUR college graduates and ENFORCE our border laws.  Stop the lies.  Hire American.  Stand up for immigration law.

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  • Laura, Americans I do believe instinctively know this. Progressives by-and-large buckle to the sell. They will be harmed. We must question by using the 'how and why' you spoke of in another piece. It is the 'how and why' that is revealing. Connect the dots and follow the money.

  • Will do as you suggest again and again.

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I am proud to introduce Mr. Michael Cutler as a new contributor here at TCC. He brings with him the experience of a 30 year career with the Immigration Naturalization Service (INS) and at the time of his retirement, was a Senior Special Agent assigned to the Organized Crime Drug Enforcement Task Force.

Since 9/11 he has been determined to educate the citizens and leaders of our country about the true importance of our immigration laws, testifying before Congress over a dozen times as an expert witness, providing testimony to the 9/11 Commission and at state legislative hearings across the United States. He has also appeared on many national television and radio programs on the major networks and has participated in panel discussions and debates on college campuses and other venues from coast to coast.

We encourage you to follow his insight into this complicated subject and will let Mr. Cutler speak for himself............

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