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  • Find out if your city is a card-carrying, dues-paying member of ICLEI here:

    (The 2 largest cities in my conservative state of Nebraska, Omaha and Lincoln, are members.  And according to what I read and see....they are MOVING quickly on the initiatives.)

  • Found on which was sent to me by a fellow patriot:


    Sovereignty International, Inc.



  • A while ago, Jersey Girl posted a web site I should check out. Well, I just did....and have spent the last couple of hours watching unbelievable videos on the proposed Trans-Texas Corridor. Below is a blog from the suggested site:

    Did I say that?11/07/2011

    Every once in a while I'll say 'This stuff is so crazy that you couldn't make it up if you tried.' It's the Disaster Movie of the Week that you can't shut off. Well, I guess we can, and will.  Right? Are you with me? I know you are!

    Anyway, I've been looking at the proposed Trans Texas Corridor information and it's ugly. The plan is for a toll road running through Texas, owned by a Spanish company, only 5 on/off ramps through the entire STATE, and it's a quarter mile wide. Splits the state in half. Texans stood up and said Hell No and it went away for a while but it's still alive and in the planning stages at Texas Dept of Transportation. It's the North American Union roadway designed to bring
    goods in from a Mexican port, bypassing US ports in Long Beach and Oakland, and then shooting them up to Canada with major linkages to US interstates. It's not designed to relieve congestion in Texas--it's essentially a land based shipping lane that is controlled and owned by a foreign entity.

    Yep. There is a terrific video on YouTube called Truth Be Tolled that you should watch.

    Thinking about Perry for President? Watch!

    (each segment is about 7-10 min.)

    Truth Be Tolled:  Trans-Texas Corridor (TTC)

    Part 2

    Part 3

    Part 4

    Part 5

    Part 6

    Part 7

    Part 8

    Part 9

    Part 10

    Part 11

    Part 12



    UN ICLEI/Agenda 21 presses new B-Corp agenda -- SHOCKING and DANGEROUS

    Operating under

    the direction of United Nations ICLEI, some "public/private partnerships"
    are signing declarations (called a B-Corporation) that basically declare
    independence from the Republic that our forefathers founded.  (Public means
    government, private means international corporations).  This means that
    "our state government and international corporations" will only recognize
    the UN Charter and Universal Declaration on Human Rights as the ultimate
    ,thus throwing the US Constitution and Bill of Rights into
    the garbage
    .  The states of Hawaii, Virginia, Maryland, Vermont, New
    Jersey have already passed B-Corporation Legislation.  The following six
    states are in the process of making it part of their states corporate legal
    California, Colorado, Michigan, New York, North Carolina and

    B-Corporations are driven by profits only and it really means that it is a race to the bottom for all American workers.  It employs socialized pay mechanisms that are similar to multi-leve...  This is a belief that is contrary to the
    "free enterprise system" that built America.

    Opportunity in America does not exist today, in-part due to low tariffs on imports.  Low tariffs moved American supply lines off-shore making access to supply out of reach, difficult to find, blocked, taxed or not available to most "low
    volume buyers" such as our independent entrepreneurs and kitchen table
    inventors!  Simultaneously, the Presidents Council on Sustainable
    Development pushed for local zoning reform and new regulations to de-zone
    industrial land and convert that land into a protected properties
    (Brownfields Projects), while raising the bar on pollution standards to
    levels that are so high, that under international rules it would be
    impossible for any American to drill for oil or mine ore, refine the
    resource that came from the ground, or to manufacture anything at all,
    without breaking at least one of the many nternational codes.  So even if
    United States did raise tariffs in order to encourage more maufacturing in
    America, manufacturing--according to the United Nations, would be
    blocked by the UN Wildlands projects, pollution standards and other things,
    making it impossible to bring manufacturing b

  • Good going Suzie and all concerned!

    • We have a lot to do, to get this information out to voting American Citizens -- and face up politicians with it. I have some ideas that I hope to share soon.
    • In the mean time, reader, please share this information with both!
    • Who would even go so far as to print out something and put in screen doors? 

    Arlen Williams

  • Great videos! would also suggest FOOD,INC. an excellent resource on these matters ,as always follow the money folks or should I say the fiat money & when they jerk the rug out from under all that paper they can't have people bartering nutritious food for goods or  services they need thus creating an economy that isn't dependent on the government for their existence ! Hence the need to rid the Kings forest of the serfs ! I would also suggest this collection of videos ! God bless & God Bless America -


    "By placing discretion in the hands of an official to grant or deny a license, such a statute creates a threat of censorship that by its very existence chills free speech."
    -- Harry A. Blackmun
    (1908-1999) U. S. Supreme Court Justice

  • cont from below:


    manufactures the naked body scanners used in our airports’)…


    “Other indications point to a cover up concerning water pipes. Larry Chertoff, who is one of the top water guys in the country, was interviewed by this reporter and vehemently denied that the double water line system exists. When emailed the Spokane blueprints attached to this story, he declined further comment. Larry Chertoff, by the way, is the “secret cousin” of former Department of Homeland Security chief Michael Chertoff. Larry Chertoff is currently a director of Alinda Capital Partners LLC, the largest independent infrastructure private equity fund, and has had more than 30 years experience in the public and private sector working on water projects. He was chief economist for New York City’s Environmental Protection Administration. He was also the US correspondent to Global Water Intelligence, as well as an advisor to the NYC Comptroller on watershed protection issues. He is a founding Board member of the Environmental Action Coalition, Water Industry Council and Water Institute of the National Council for Public Private partnering and a member of the National Research Council’s Water and Technology Board Committee of Privatization of Water Services in the United States.”


    “We call Larry a “secret” cousin, for he vigorously denies a familial relationship with DHS Michael Chertoff, although Larry’s ex-wife has copped to the fact that they are, indeed, cousins. Michael Chertoff was a co-author of the U.S. Patriot Act, which has legalized the use of poisons and delivery systems, in the infamous Section 817.”


    LAND: When our government mentions “conservation,” “wetlands,” “wildlife” and “sustainable,” what they mean is they are taking possession and control of the land and the American people will not be allowed to inhabit those areas. Here’s an excerpt from Obama’s White House Rural Council Report:

    “The Administration has made significant investments in expanding outdoor opportunities to create sustained economic growth in rural America, including enrolling 7.1 million acres in the Conservation Reserve Program, which retires environmentally sensitive farm lands and has set aside 300,000 acres in the program specifically to benefit game species; partnering military with state and local governments, land trusts, and landowners to secure conservation easements through the Readiness and Environmental Protection Initiative (REPI) which protects more than 170,000 acres; removing 86,927 tons of biomass from our National Forests to produce energy; and working with farmers to restore wetlands habitat on 470,000 acres in the Gulf coastal plain following the Deepwater Horizon oil spill in order to conserve migratory waterfowl.”


    In Wisconsin:

    “The Landscape Stewards program, a partnership with the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation, will leverage up to $200,000 to support coalition-based conservation efforts beginning next year, with each grant matched by equal contributions from the coalition partners – part of President Obama’s America’s Great Outdoors initiative.”


    Also, we must not forget that when the government decided to blow up the Birds Point levee and flood people out of their houses and farms, Obama’s Federal government offered to buy their land… and George Soros was buying up the flooded farms too.


    The Obama administration has been working hand-in-glove with the United Nations (UN) to end property rights in America and transition to Global Governance. Once achieved, the citizens of this country will become slaves to the colonial rulers – the globalists who will institute a world-wide Socialist economy under Communist/Totalitarian rule. If you

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