Survival Mode

Statistics prove that those who are prepared for a disaster, natural or otherwise, have the BEST chance for survival. Unfortunately for many, the thought of investing in large quantities of food and other necessary items is often a daunting decision and one that is frequently put on the “back burner” while we attempt to muddle through everyday life. The goal of this column is to provide a commonsense approach to building the necessary inventory required to survive. Not only will you find ideas from like-minded members, you will also find links to various information sites. I will begin with a few of my favorite links:

Next let's take a look at what you need to be prepared. Be it flooding, earthquake or something more, preparedness against case of power outage or evacuation is vital.


Be prepared for evacuation due to any disaster whether natural or civil. Be prepared for any emergency be it hurricane, flooding, earthquake, etc When the phones are out; HAM radios, frequencies, antennae and alternate communication. Communicating via radio walkie-talkie and CB. Be informed on the effects of genetically modified foods you purchase each day.


Remember the Most Important thing in any disaster is not always what you have.....

but how YOU react.

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